In order to continue to safely see our patients during the pandemic, we now have a new, climate-controlled, comfortable van that serves as a mobile exam room. The Vet Van has allowed us to continue to care for our patients, and our patients do very well in the van. The van has large windows on one side and in the back.

We will be wearing gloves and masks, and require our clients to wear masks at all times during our appointment. We ask that clients stay at least 6 feet away from us and do not come into the van. Clients can stand outside the van and watch us through the large windows, we can do a video call or talk on speakerphone during the appointment, or they can wait inside their homes and we will let them know when we are finished with our exam. Either way, we will contact our clients if we have any concerns. Thank you for understanding these changes, which will allow us to continue to see your pets in a climate-controlled, comfortable, and safe space.

If a client or anyone in their house is sick with a potentially infectious illness, if they have a history of potential exposure to COVID19, or if they have a recent travel history, we ask that they reschedule. We do not want to bring illness home to our families or spread it to the homes of our other clients.