Veterinary Emergency and Specialty Care

Blue Pearl Pet Hospital ~ Rockville, MD   301-637-3228

Friendship Animal Hospital ~  Washington, DC   202-363-7300

Veterinary Cardiologists

Chesapeake Veterinary Cardiology Associates ~ 9 locations in the Maryland and Virginia


Veterinary Dermatologists

Animal Allergy and Dermatology Clinic ~ Gaithersburg, MD 301-977-9169

Veterinary Dermatology Center of Baltimore ~ Baltimore, MD  410-788-8130

Friendship Animal Hospital ~ Washington, DC 202-363-7300

Veterinary Ophthalmologist

Armour Veterinary Ophthalmology ~ (202) 567-2089

Veterinary Dentists

Center for Veterinary Dentistry and Oral Surgery

House Call Veterinary Hospice Care and Euthanasia

Solace Veterinary Services ~ 301-674-4123

Tranquility Vet Services